I’m a Internet Software Engineer / Consultant. I usually just say, I build the smoke and mirrors that make website function.

When I’m not building web sites and web applications, I can be found wakeboarding, taking pictures, playing guitar, plotting my next prank, learning something new, or hanging out with my wife and kids.

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  1. Joe — I’m Booz Allen’s media relations guy, and saw your post yesterday. On behalf of all of us at Booz Allen, thank you so much for taking the time to say something so nice. There are a lot of consulting companies, and we think we’ve done so well for almost a hundred years because we put so much focus on the kinds of things you cited. I’m not sure that there is something in our water — although a lot of folks in my department have been having babies lately, so that’s been a question — but there really is something in our culture that builds and reinforces those qualities. I know that Ralph Shrader, our CEO, is going to be particularly touched by your remarks because he’s spent many decades at Booz Allen trying to build the kind of workforce you describe. If he chooses to share your blog post with our employees or others, would you be ok with that? I scanned through your blog, and it’s really a good one, with lots of interesting things to read — best wishes for continued success with that, and in your career. — James Fisher

    PS: I spent most of the 1980s living just up the beach from Patrick AFB at Cape Canaveral, and still miss it.

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