I originally came up with this idea about 5 or 6 years ago (1999ish). I’ve since shared it with a few people whenever we get on the alien or evolution topic. Some think is way out there, but most think that it makes more sense that the existing ideas or theories, the more you think about it, the more it makes sense.

I have other World altering ideas too, but don’t want to give them all to you at once! Baby steps!


Grays or Aliens.You know what I’m talking about; the creatures you see in all of the alien autopsy shows, the beings so many people say they have deju vu memories of. The ones that supposedly landed at Roswell.

In the following paragraphs I will explain my idea/hypothesis; that the aliens are not aliens at all, but rather scientists and exploring humans from the future.

It sounds a little far fetched, but read on I’ve actually thought this out

Evolution of Species

Wait! I know you are thinking “oh no, creationism verses evolution”, but I’m look at evolution not as the beginning, but rather evolution of species that already exist. One does not have to subscribe to Darwins Origin of Species to know that animals and humans adapt and evolve to their environment. Evolution doesn’t stop…humans are still evolving.

For example, research has shown since the industrial revolution, the average size of the human head as grown. Hem…makes you think.more information in the environment, the larger storage unit required. This is officially called “Selection and Adaption”.

The No Heavy Lifting, Visual Environment

First, knowing that all animals, including humans, adapt and change to meet the needs of their environment, lets now look at the environment technology is creating for us. The environment which we are all adapting and evolving to.

With the advent of computers, the Internet, most of our absorption of the environment around us is solely visual. When is the last time you smelled or felt a webpage? How many conversations do you now have visually rather than vocally, prior to chat and Instant Message? How much of what you know did you learn from TV, computers, or books? You know that a lightning bolt can kill you, but you didn’t learn that by getting struck, right? You learned it visually.

Our eyes have become the single greatest input/receptor humans have. Knowing that we evolve and adapt to our environments…what do you think will happen to our eyes over time, as we evolve in this environment?

Secondly, when is the last time you heaved your own logs up to your house to build a wall? When is the last time you picked up a 78RPM record to put on your record player? It is more likely that you have your iPod pre-programmed to select the songs you want, or you can gently push a button. Ever heard of the Roomba vacuum? Starting to sounds like the Jetsons, isnt it? It should, because that is exactly what is happening. Technology and automation are eliminating the need and requirement of physical excursion. You dont need to look far to see proof of this in the United States. Our population has become the fattest and laziest group of humans on the planet. Europe and Asia are catching up to us with this lazy causing environment too.

What do you think will happen over time when humans stop using the muscles in their extremities as often? What does happen when you dont use your muscles now? They shrink!

Are you starting to form a mental picture yet or what humans might look like in the future? Bigger heads, bigger eyes, smaller arms and legs.Once we trash the atmosphere a little more, we will not be able to go outside during the day, thus UV will be a thing of the past. What do you think human skin would look like without UV? When do most abductions supposedly take place? Day or night? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Science, Archeology & Time Travel

Humor me.image that ump-teen thousand or millions of years in the future, it is announced to the world that a Time Machine had been built that allows time travel to any point in the past, and allows them to bring things back to the future.

Albert Einstein theorized that time travel to the future was possible, if one could gain enough speed. Would it be that far fetched to think the opposite? A basic theory of science is everything has an opposite, up has down, hot has cold, yin has yang.

Think it out…what would it be used for? Time travel would be the most powerful tool ever invented. Imagine…we could force Hitler’s mom to have an abortion, we could be prepared for Pearl Harbour, we could save the dodo, and we could have saved all of David Lindseys hair. Entire races could be wiped out; entire countries could be stopped before they are even formed, we could buy stock in Apple and Microsoft in 1980!

If it were invented today I think I can make an educated guess what would happen. Powers that would be (i.e. World Governments) would control it, just as Nuclear power and weapons are. People wouldnt have time machines in their garages; the power would be limited to government and scientific needs. Um, did I just say scientific…hem?

Imagine if at this point when the time machine is built, years in the future, humans still have not found the cure for the common cold. Imagine if AIDS becomes as common as athletes foot. How does science find cures? By finding and isolating the cause!

A time machine would enable scientists of the future, to pin-point the cause of cancer, hang nails, Flarfegnitis (made that one up), by examining perfect specimens from the past. Living specimens!! What happens now-a-days when we find a human or animal frozen in the Artic Tundra (which is a present day equal to the above idea)? WE EXAMINE IT!!

But if we did any of this, how would it affect the current world? Think McFly! What is the simple rule of time travel? We all know it…think Delorean; Michael J. Fox. Do not disturb the past as it will affect the future.

It would be imperative that the future human time travelers try to put things back the way they were, so as not to change the future.

There are a lot of blanks that I could continue to fill in, but undoubtedly you are already thinking about them and filling them in yourself, so no need to go into the obvious. Just let your mind ponder the possibilities and the realities, and form your own ideas.


My Alien Theory is just an idea I’ve had and shared with people over the years. There is no proof to it, no evidence to support it. I’ve actually thought that this would be an awesome background for a fiction book to write. You may be reading one of the first published works of the next Dan Brown!?

The whole idea I presented is much more feasible to those that subscribe to evolution rather than creationism, simply due to the randomness that the human race exists at all.

What are the chances of evolution happening somewhere else in the universe resulting in a humanoid (two legs, two arms, head on top) creature. If the Theory of Evolution is in fact true, it is more likely that earth bound human are the only ones that ended up looking like us. If life evolved somewhere else, chances are it would look nothing like humans do.

With this thinking, it would mean that the Aliens that people report seeing, are merely humans from another place that is unseen or another time.

Time travel into the past, would be the single greatest archeology and scientific tool ever created, at any point in time, now or a million years in the future. Humans of the future will have the same interests into the past as we do today.

The greatest gift to or result of (depends which you believe) humankind is free thought and free will. Use it to look at the world around you and form your own opinions. Just because 1, 100, 1,000 or 1,000,000 people believe something to be true, doesnt make it so.

[UPDATE] Since my original post of this in April (on MySpace), I did a little research and found out my idea is not new. In fact there are actually books written about it. Dammit…there goes that early retirement! Back to the whiteboard.


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