I have always hated running. It was one of those things that just seemed pointless, mindless, and boring to do. I tried a few times in my life to pick up on it, but it always failed for some reason or another.

I’ve recently decided to take it up again. Read on and follow my progress.

My History of Running

I started running (briefly) in 1994 in preparation for Basic Training. If I remember correctly, I only ran for 3-4 weeks prior to heading to Texas. But…once there (in Basic), I ran my ass of!
In 1996 I began going to the base gym and running as long as I could on the indoor track. This lasted a couple of months until I was bored again.

Needless to say, running has never kept my attention.

Pointless Internet Surfing Pays Off

Those that know me, know that I frequently just browse the net looking for interesting or new things. While browsing around on LifeHacker.com (on of my daily reads), I noticed a reference to an article named “Couch-to-5k in Six Weeks”. Sounded interesting, so I read it….it sounded easy!

The Couch-to-5K Running Plan

I dug around on the net a little more, and found that others recommended a more modest program, doing the same in nine weeks. That one definitely looked do-able.
So I made the decision, to try the program out for two reasons. First for my health and endurance. The past few times out on the kneeboard and wakeboard, literally killed me. My legs were just not up to it. Secondly, I wanted to do something with my oldest son, as he is running a 5k for his school’s cross country.

There it was, a way, a will, and a goal. That’s all I needed! So since starting, I’ve been running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Weekly Progress

  • July 17 – Week 1
    I found the article today and decided to start. I successfully completed entire week!
  • July 24 – Week 2
    Pretty easy week to accomplish.
  • July 31 – Off Week
    It is hard to motivate yourself to run, while on a week long cruise!
  • August 7 – Week 2 (Repeated)
    Simple week. I was expecting a slight “recovery time” from the cruise. I am glad that I choose to repeat this, as it makes moving into the next week easier.
  • August 14 – Week 3
    This was a very easy week, the gradual increases in running times makes this program very easy to accomplish. It pushes you “just enough”.
  • August 21 – Week 4
    The second 5 minute run each night was difficult, but not unbearable. Finally got my new Sony Jogging radio. Make running so much nicer. I can even listen to the TV news.
  • August 28 – Week 4 (Repeated)
    I’ve decided to repeat this week, to ensure I’m ready to move on. Week 5 makes some large changes.
  • September 4 – Week 5
    After two weeks of week four, I felt like I was ready to move on. So far week 5 has been going good, actually easy! Tommorrow’s run is a full 20 minutes. This will be the longest continuous run yet. It will be difficult, but not impossible.
  • I’ll post more updates as they happen!


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One thought on “My Personal Couch-to-5K Program

  1. I’m now into Week seven, which officially marks the end of the “run-walk-run” part of the program.

    Its all running now baby!

    Run one of this week has suprisingly easy. In fact it was the first run of the ENTIRE program that my right leg did not hurt afterward.

    GO ME!

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