Here are a few things that I found interesting recently. If you haven’t noticed by the end…I’m a War buff (expecially WWII) and I’m addicted to Wikipedia.

Greenbrier Resort
During the cold war, the US government built a secret bunker for the legislative branch, to ensure “continuity of government” in the event of a nucular war. The Washington Post exposed the bunker in a 1992 article. You can now tour the facility. It is now on my “see before I die” places, because it would be “damn interesting” to see.
Wikipedia Article
Washington Post Article

Japanese I-400 Class Submarine
During WWII, the Japanese built a few subs that were able to launch aircraft. The intent was to use them to attack 1) the Eastern side of the Panama canal and 2) the East coast of the US. The attack that was being planned against the US, was to launch a bio-attack, by launching the planes just off the coast. Damn Scary (and interesting).
Wikipedia Article

Zimmermann Telegram
One of the most important cryptology articles of all time. This telegram greatly pushed the United States in to WWI. 13042 13401 8501 115 3528 416 17214 6491 11310 18147 (DECIPHERED: That’s Damn Interesting)!
Wikipedia Article

Enigma Machine
Along the lines of the Zimmermann Telegram…The Enigma Machine. Most people have heard of it, but Wikipedia has a very detailed page about, including how it works. I’ve played with encryption and decryption ciphers in some of my coding, and it is “damn interesting”.
Wikipedia Article

I’ll be posting more “That’s Damn Interesting” posts later…so check back.

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