Never Again Roll Pennies
If you save your pennies all year but dont want to pay the Coinstar machine counting tax, then use their machines to get gift cards instead of cash. They will give you a code for Amazon, Circuit City, Borders – a whole bunch of places you probably shop online with anyway, and wont charge you the counting tax.Go here to see a list of places you can get codes for, and never pay them a dime.

Flying Alarm Clock
Are you one of those people who constantly hit the snooze button on your alarm clock. Check this product out.

When the alarm goes off, a “heli-annoyance” flies off the clock and lands somewhere in your room. You have to get your ass out of bed to find it and shut it off. Genius!

A New You!
Every want to be someone else? Now you can…email address, credit card, everything!

Great source for dummy data for testing databases. The bulk prices cannot be beat.

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