War Plan Red
A military document outlining a hypothetical war between the United States and the British Empire, in which we would invade and occupy Canada. The plan was kept up-to-date until 1939, and was not declassified until 1974.

Jedi census phenomenon
A phenomenon in which 390,000 British citizens listed their religion as Jedi Knight on a 2001 census form, which made Jedi Knight the fourth-largest religion in England and Wales.

Stambovsky v. Ackley
A notable New York Supreme Court that held that a house was “legally haunted”.

Moon Trees
Trees grown from hundreds of seeds taken into orbit around the moon by Stuart Roosa during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.

Hiroo Onoda
A Japanese officer who fought in WWII. He was stationed at Lubang Island in the Phillipines, when the Allies claimed it. He hid in the jungles, apparently never knowing that the war ended. For 29 years he refused to surrender, dismissing every attempt to convince him that the war was over as a ruse.

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