Our official last day of vacation out West. We woke up to the sounds of life outside our condo, then ate breakfast and cleaned up.

We checked out at about 9:30 and headed East on Route 6 toward Arapahoe Basin ski area and Loveland Pass.

We stopped at the pass and hiked up to the peak. Brandon and I were first to the top. Trevor and Jennifer finally made it to the top after taking a few breaks. It gets extremely hard to breath at 12,000 feet plus.

There was still quite a bit of snow on the North side of the peak, so the kids had a ball playing it again. One snow field was about 15 feet deep, and Brandon found a slide down it.

We headed to Idaho Springs, Colorado for lunch at Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pie. Again, this was one of those places that a few minutes of Internet research on my phone paid off. Their pizzas are ordered by the pound. They have a ton of fresh ingredients and about 7 different types of cheese you can use. Their crust is so thick and good, they have honey on the table to eat it with for a dessert.

After lunch we headed back to Denver to catch our flight back to Florida, which is where I’m sitting to write this.

Today’s Highlights

  • Seeing the view of Loveland Pass
  • Hiking to the Summit
  • Lunch at Beau Jo’s


  • Take the pass rather than Eisenhower tunnel if you have the time, the view is awesome.
  • Eat a Beau Jo’s

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