Like most people in America, I have a provider for my television service, which provides a cable box. These boxes will allow people, who do not have Digital compliant television, to watch TV after the big analog-to-digital switch in February 2009. So many people are not taking advantage of the converter boxes that the US government is providing $40 vouchers for.


A co-worker brought up the fact that if cable service is not working, for example in hurricanes, people without HDTVs and antennas, or analog TVs, with converters and antennas, will not receive over-air broadcasting. Since I have have a TV with an HD receiver, I truly need to get an antenna. Many people I know will need both the converter and antenna, in case of just such an emergency.

I also began thinking about the power consumption of my "HDTV". I have a large plasma, that basically requires its own nuclear substation to power it. So if cable and power is out and I'm forced onto a generator, I'd likely be using an analog set too.

So if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, tornados, floods, locusts, etc., be sure to invest in at minimum an HD over-air antenna if you have an HD television. If you do not have a HD ready TV, take the Government up on its voucher program and pickup a converter and an antenna.

If you are like me and are relying on your power hungry plasma to work on that 2500kw generator…think again. You might want to hold on to one of those 20 inchers, or else you will be making the choice between "Law and Order" reruns and keeping your food cold.

TV Converter Box Coupon Program

Image: dailyinvention and billaday [via Flickr]