I hate voicemail….I've always hated it.  It is far less efficient than email, IM and twitter.  It has virtually no accommodation for multiple users or threaded exchange of information.  It usually requires transcribing what was said into another medium.  It has absolutely no audit trail;  once you delete a message it is gone!


I absolutely refuse to perform any consulting work via phone or voicemail.  I follow each phone call up with an email summarizing the call (see transcribing again), asking the other person to confirm what we talked about.  In most cases, the entire conversation would have been more productive, and less of it left to the imagination, if done on something that would have accommodated some type of threading, be it email, chat or other means.

I also refuse to leave messages on another person's phone beyond, "please return my call and my number".  Leaving details requires them extract the content of the message from my (fast talking) voice.   I leave a simple message stating who I am, and my phone number twice.  If I need to let them know details of something, I will say, "I'm following this message up with an email summarizing what I need from, or are providing to you".

Voicemail is an archaic method of communication in a world of MUCH better solutions.  Please do not leave me a voicemail, unless you "just" want me to return your call to chat.  If you have some bit of information to provide me or need something from me, please type it up and email it to me.  If you are just checking in, find me on Twitter or Facebook.

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