I live in the relatively small bedroom community of Rockledge, Florida.  At one time is was a hub of retail activity for the county, with Sears, Kmart, Walmart, and even a TG&Y (remember those?).  In recent years the city has been trying to spruce up its vacant retail areas and lure new activity.  Apparently, the only ones listening are those that can make pizza.

Within a four mile radius of my house, there are 14 different pizza places.  In the past three months, another one has started construction with city limits.

Being a person with a business and marketing background, I figured out the possible explanations.


Pizza Places are the new "thing" for Witness Protection

Florida is the land of transplants, of which the largest migration takes place from New York.  I'm thinking the the FBI and CIA are see this as the perfect place to stash mob informants.  Set them up in a new house in a large neighborhood so they can blend in.  Toss them some money, so they can start a business so they do not have to answer to anyone.  They do what they know Italian food.

We benefit with expanding waistlines and shrinking choices.

There is a Screwed up Map Somewhere

Somewhere, maybe in the Small Business Administration, there is a map showing a non-existent college in Rockledge.  This eff'd up map is being used for marketing and planning purposes.  Colleges cannot have enough pizza and beer right?


Do these restaurateurs not own cars?  Have they never seen the wondrous and magical powers of Google Maps?  The pizza market is beyond saturated.  Why not open up a chicken or burrito joint.  The closest one of those is 4-5 miles away as the crow flies.

Here is what is needed within the city limits (in my professional opinion):

  • Chicken – Pollo Tropical, Boston Market, KFC, Bojangles
  • Burritos – Pancheros (@pancheros), Chipotle (there is are Moe's and Tijuana Flats within 6 miles)
  • (Affordable) Seafood – While this may sound odd, there are only a few or so decent seafood joints in the county.  We live on the freaking ocean with one of the busiest ports in the country. It amazes me it was easier to find seafood in Nebraska than it is here.

BTW – If I expand from a four to a five mile radius, the number exceeds 20.