Taking the queue from John Jantsch and Chris Brogan; here is my personal Social Media System

The Tools

The Workflow

  • Constant (all day) – Monitor Email
  • Constant (all day) – Add links to Delicious (via various sources)
  • Constant (all day) – Taking pictures
  • Constant (evenings) – Monitor Twitter stream using TweetDeck
  • Two/Three times Daily – Read/Skim my 200+ blog subscriptions.  Share posts, which are pushed to Facebook.  Star items that I want to dig into a little deeper.
  • Six-Ten times Daily (daytime) – Check in on my Twitter feed using WirelessIRC
  • Daily – Check in on Facebook
  • Daily (or less) – Check in on MySpace
  • Daily – Review my photos of the day.  Select the “photo-of-the-day” and upload to Flickr (which is pushed to twitter)
  • Daily – Check out my network’s photos on Flickr
  • Daily – Check in on Google Analytics, Adsense, and Adwords performance
  • Daily – Review my Google Alerts
  • Daily – Review Stared Google Reader Items for followup, research, etc.
  • Weekly – Check in on LinkedIn, search for Questions to Answer
  • Weekly – Check in with Affiliate programs for new opportunities
  • Bi-Weekly – Check MrTweet’s recommendations


The most powerful, and underutilized tool in my Social Media toolbox, is easily Twitter.  The fact that I cannot access it via my work PC, and that I’m only armed with a limited phone app, greatly limits my “daylight hour” interactions.

Also, the fact that I’m forced to use MS Outlook for my work email client greatly cuts down on my productivity at work.  I’m constantly cussing at Outlook and Exchange because I cannot find things.

The most streamlined tool in my arsenal, is Facebook.  Its ability to update as a result of my activity on Google Reader, Twitter, Flickr, etc. makes it appear that I’m the busiest person in my world.  When in fact, I only logon to it once a day, to check in on other people.

Image: John.Karakatsanis [via Flickr]