I'm not a junk food person by any stretch of the imagination.  I rarely eat fast food and I have given up soft drinks over a year ago.  But a couple of years ago, I found these…and all I have to say is…damn you Snyder's of Hanover! 

This stuff is like crack.  The whole family is hooked. 

As I write this, there are two bags in the house that the boys received for Easter.  Trevor's is wisely hidden, and Brandon's is in the pantry.  I made the mistake of eating a couple pieces from Brandon's, now I have the craving so bad, I'm sitting here writing a freaking blog post about the product.


We all love hot wings, and have tried many "buffalo" or "hot wing" products, but this one actually captures the taste of the wings.   These are one of those foods, that you actually "plan" to eat, setting your "workspace" up prior to opening the bag.

If you have not tried them yet, do so.  But please follow these guidelines when using this product.

  • When having other people try them, only hand them pieces.  Do not let them hold the bag, as you will likely not get it back.  Regardless of age or ability, they WILL run.
  • If you do not live alone, buy at least two bags at a time in order to get any.
  • While not normally condoned, hiding of this product in your home is recommended.
  • Just like real hot wings, beer is perfect with them.
  • Do not curse the fine folks at Snyder's too much for the bag size.  It would not matter if the bag was 14 bushels, it still wouldn't be big enough.
  • Handle as you would Gasoline.  When driving home from the store, place the product in the trunk or as far out of reach as possible. 
  • Do not look for sales on them.  It doesn't matter, once you are hooked.
  • If you have the opportunity, make the pilgrimage to Hanover (it is on our vacation list)
  • Embrace the orange.  Orange is good.  Just wash your hands when the bag is empty.

So if you are ever looking for a gift for me and the family Amazon sells them by the 12 pack.

Oh, and sorry Brandon…