I thought I’d take a stab at the method of trick photography levitation featured this week on the Digital Photography School (DPS) blog.

It was late at night and I was trying to meet my photo-a-day deadline by midnight.  So there was little planning.  The image to the right was my first attempt at it, and it came out pretty clean.

With the camera sitting in the same spot on pool table, I decided to use the same concept to create a illusion using billiard balls.

How I did It

First, I took a picture of me without anything but the que ball.  Since I’m not levitating, I’m just part of the “background”.

Without moving the camera, I next balanced a few balls on Jenga game pieces, the took the same image, without me or the que ball.

I then imported both images into Fireworks, laying the “jenga” image on top of the other and aligning them.  Using the simple eraser tool, I removed the jenga pieces and the area where I am, to reveal the background image.

Here is the final image

The only thing missing is shadows.  Oh well, it was my first try.

You Can Fly! [Digital Photography School]

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