Brandon loves the Breakfast Buffet

Today was our first day at sea, therefore our first day to sleep in. Trevor was out past 2AM, so he didn’t come to breakfast with us, in the Topsider’s Buffet.

This being our first breakfast in the buffet and Brandon’s favorite meal of the day, he LOADED his tray full of food. Including fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage, Krispy Kreme doughnuts (yes at sea), and more. Check out the picture to the right.

Today was another day of not seeing Trevor. After finally getting up, he headed to the teen area. We didn’t see him until dinner.

Jennifer and I made great use of the day, lounging by the pool and sleeping for about three hours in deck chairs on deck four. It is by far the most relaxing place on the entire ship. No music, no crowds, great chairs, and the sound of the ocean.

Before our nap, we attended a hypnosis self-help seminar put on by Ricky Kalmon. It was basically a “positive thinking” talk, supported by self-hypnosis. During the seminar, he put the entire audience under. While many do not “believe” hypnosis is real, I do. I did quite a bit of research on it and practiced self-hypnosis, a few years ago. Under normal circumstances, if I were to keep my eyes closed for a long period of time, I would fall asleep. but during hypnosis, they are shut, but I do not get that sensation or urge to sleep. Rather I’m in a more “aware” state. Jennifer described basically the same thing, and she had never tried it before.

Tonight was formal night and our dinner was in Animator’s Palette. The rack of lamb that I had, was probably the most memorable dish of the entire cruise. I highly recommend it.

The main show today was “The Golden Mickeys”. It was very Disney-esque, but entertaining. The real fun was the adult cabaret show with Ricky Kalmon in Rockin-Bar-D.

Luminer's Ocean and Staff Pool

Show After Formal Dinner Brandon in Spa

Slide Relaxing in Adult Pool

Strike a Pose Brian Jackson of Soul Drive

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