Pirate Night

Today’s port was Cozumel, which we have been to before.  Prior to the trip, we had not made official plans here, due to the fact we were not sure if we would actually be coming here due to the Swine Flu warnings.  Instead we were just going to “wing it”.

Yesterday I had talked to Brian (in the band) about recommendations for Cozumel.  He and his wife mentioned a place called “Caribe”, that would try out.

Trevor decided that he would rather stay on the ship, rather than go ashore, so after breakfast Jennifer, Brandon, and I headed out to do a little shopping.  Then to meet the rest of our group at Margaritaville so the kids could play in the water, on their advertized “water trampolines”.

It turns out that “water trampolines” means floats tied to a rope, to Margaritaville.  So as soon as we got a table, we got back up and headed back.  We decided to look into what Brian had mentioned, so we grabbed a map to figure out what “Caribe” we should get a ride to.  It turned out there were four different ones, and we didn’t know which was what he meant.  So we just ended up heading back to the ship.

We spent the afternoon relaxing on the ship and in the pool.

Tonight was “pirate night”, where you were expected to dress up as pirates for dinner and the “pirates in the Caribbean” party on deck.  It took some convincing to get Jennifer to wear the wrench outfit, but she, and everyone else looked great.

After dinner, everyone but Trevor headed to the Walt Disney theater to see Up in 3D.  It was by far the best 3D I’ve ever seen.  The effects were not done simply for the “3D” effect, rather it was simply part of the story, in which you never really noticed it unless you thought about it.

Jennifer was feeling a little quezy during the movie, so she headed back to the cabin, while we finished the movie and then headed up for the pirate deck party.

We failed too get a good location for watching the deck party show, so we basically got to see the people watching the show.  We did however, get to see Mickey fly across the deck on the cable and we had really good views of the fireworks show.


  • Up in 3D
  • Fireworks at Sea

Pirate Night Pirate Night

Adult Pool Area Pirate Night

Ignoring "No Climbing" sign Pirate Night


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