Everyone knows my motto is, “Never Pay Full Price”. Below are some of the sites that I frequent to catch good deals.

There are many other sites for online deals, but the below have been the most fruitful for me. If I’m looking for something particular, Ebay is always the answer. In a future blog, I’ll post some of my lesson learned tips for getting good deals on Ebay.


  • Woot – Check Daily for the Deal of the Day!
  • Deal University – A nice site that shows a few good deals per day.
  • Slick Deals – Probably most active Deal site on the net. Check the Forums often for deals.
  • Ebay – My Ebay, patience, and a Snipe Bidding program are the secret to good deals on ebay. Some of the best deals ever I’ve got on Ebay. Also, some of the strangest purchases I’ve ever made came from Ebay.
  • Current Codes – Large online database of Coupon Codes for online mechants. DO NOT buy online without first finding a coupon code!
  • Craigs List – Cheapskates tend to sell and buy on Craigs List because it is totally free. Watch the FREE category, you will never believe what some people give away.