How to Ask Help

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gained a new “pet-peeve”. It seems that people have in general, forgot how to properly ask someone for help or advice with a task or a problem. Being a techie/geek I get little questions like these all of the time: What does this error mean? I downloaded a virus, how to I get rid of it? My computer stopped working, do you know why? How much would it cost to for a website? [more]Without knowing what you were doing when you got the error, how in the world could I ever figure out what caused it, thus how to fix it. If you neglect to tell me the “since I moved my computer” part of your “computer stopped working” problem, I’ll likely be stabbing in the dark for solutions. If I don’t know what you want a website to do, how could I …keep reading …

2009-09-05 Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Friday night, Trevor had a preseason Cross Country Race at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.  Rather than drive home late that night, we decided to stay the night in Orlando and make use of the free Universal passes that Jennifer and I had received earlier in the year. This was Brandon’s first visit to any of the Universal parks.  Trevor was here just a couple of months ago for the 8th grade Grad Night.  Jennifer and I had not been since our honeymoon, in May 1994. We tried our best to fit in both parks in one day, but we missed some rides.  We’ll be back to City Walk for shopping and dinner in the near future.   Running through Camp Jurassic with my xShot