While digging around on my normal blog sites, I came across an interesting method of using a specially built image as your wallpaper to organize your desktop.

The concept is to section off your screen to store and group your icons. For instance for mine I created the following areas.


  • Open Desktop – blank area for general Windows applications.
  • Active Documents/Projects – Duh! Provides quick access to your current projects.
  • Temporary Use Files – I always save stuff on my desktop as I’m working on it. Especially quick save things when they are part of a multi-step process. Icons here get cleaned out at least once a week.
  • Archive Storage – Here I store folders that contain data that I need accessible enough to not want to dig for it. Examples PDF books, MP3s, etc.
  • Management Tools – As a developer and server administer, there are various tools I use all of the time. This block makes them easy to find.

Try it out.
http://flickr.com/photos/gr/182329306/in/pool-tuawdesktops/ [via LifeHacker]