I’ve been wakeboarding since I was a teenager. I first learned on a Skurfer, then I bought a wakeboard around 1995 from Sams Club (which I bought on store credit, because I was broke and unemployed at the time). That board has long since been out dated. Since then, I’ve used a loaner from a friend.

This year, for my brithday, I decided to break down and buy a “REAL” wakeboard. So I went to my local Sports Authority and bought an O’brien System 140 package. As an added benefit, they had all of their watersports equipment 40% off!


The next weekend, we took it out and I rode it four times and loved it, then my 135lb nephew rode it a few times then SNAP…broken.

Less than ten rides total and the whole end just broke.

The Replacement

A few days later I called O’brien to ask what to do, and they said “try to return it to the store”, because it will be faster if they take it back. So I then called the store and they said to bring it in and we’ll work something out.

When I took the board to the customer service counter, they said that they could exchange it, but after looking at the shelf there were no more O’briens left. Since I got the board during the 40% off sale, I would be loosing out to buy another board now.

We explained the situation to the manager, and he quickly offered me the same 40% discount on anything they still had in stock. So now I have a new Hyperlite Movement 140.

Thanks to the Man