I started this evening with the intent of building a blogroll of all the Izeafest attendees…to do a little “prep work”.  I was thinking, “there were only a hundred or so people at last year’s event…no big deal.”  Then I remembered things have been moved to a larger venue and there are like 500 tickets being sold.

So Google Docs and CrowdSourcing to the rescue…

If you are attending Izeafest (in person or online) scroll down and enter your blog’s details.  Tomorrow night (Thursday), I will post a downloadable OPML file here for download.  This OPML file can then be easily imported into your feed reader (e.g. Google Reader).

Also during the event, I’ll (and hopefully everyone else) will be adding the missing blogs to the file.  I’ll republish the OPML file and the spreadsheet, next week after the Izeafest cake-dust has settled.

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Direct Link to Form: http://bit.ly/7RTWD