If you are not using one of the social bookmarking sites by now, please come out from under that rock. For those that have embraced it, here is an easy and neat trick. When you are browsing the net for the lastest and greatest widget to get, tag the pages with the word “WISHLIST”. Be it Amazon, Ebay, Fairvilla, etc, it doesn’t matter. Del.icio.us enables you to have one master Wishlist. Your friends and family can then quickly access your Christmas/Birthday/Graduation/whatever list, whenever.

Just remember to remove the items you do actually get!

Take a look at my WishList (Some of you guys might have to pool your money, to get the sailboat and piano for me)

If you are not using del.icio.us (or something simular)…wake up. You will quickly learn that there is much more to the Internet than MySpace and Porn.