[UPDATED: 10/13/2009 to include blogs added during Izeafest]

Yesterday, I decided to build a master blogroll of Izeafest speakers and attendees.  Rather than do it myself (which I quickly realized would take entirely too long), I crowd-sourced the twitter community to input their own blogs into a Google Docs Spreadsheet.  Also, throughout the day today I’ve monitored the #izeafest hashtag and tried to add everyone I came across, who had a blog.

The blogs are titled with twitter usernames.  This will make it easy for you to pull up their blogs when they are speaking, or when you see them on the twitter stream.

I’m sure I’ve missed people, and I apologize.  During the event, I will be adding blogs to it as I encounter names and twitter ids. You can help out by adding yourself (or others), so that it is include in the next version, which I’ll publish after Izeafest.  



[UPDATED: 10/13/2009 to include blogs added during Izeafest]

What do I do with it?

An OPML file is a specially formatted XML file designed for outlining data.  Nowadays, it is most commonly used for import/export of blogrolls from RSS aggregators.

Using this file you can instantly subscribe to all of the blogs on it, saving tons of time.  If you don’t know how to import the OPML file into your Google Reader, then just check out Google’s help.

Are you on it? [UPDATED]

Don’t see yourself?  Click here to add yourself to the “post Izeafest version”

Thanks to everyone who added to the list and RT’d my annoyingly repetitive tweets.  Also, remember to keep adding during the event to be included in version 2 or the blogroll.

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