Now I know that roundabouts are something new to most American’s when they encounter them, but damn people use some common sense in regards to other drivers. Drivers on a roundabout near my house simply do not grasp that there are two lanes moving around that circle.

Lets go over the basic rules for a two lane roundabout…

  1. The right/outside lane is for turning on the first or second exit after entry.
  2. The left/inside lane is for any exit, except the very next one.
  3. Do not change lanes within the roundabout
  4. Yield to cars already in the roundabout

The second rule is where my peeve is…drivers assume that they can make an exit from the left/inside lane without regards or notification to the traffic in the right/outside lane. If you are in the inside lane, you are “supposed” to use your right signal to indicate to the drivers in the outside lane that you will be exiting, thus crossing that lane. I’ve seen it over and over, near accidents because the inside driver cuts off the outside driver because there was no signal.

Additionally, drivers continuuosly disregard rule three. DO NOT CHANGE LANES!!

Great video produced by Washington State DOT (should be required viewing for drivers) Click here to View