A little short of my 2009 goal of 12,000.  Somehow I ended up with exactly 11,000.  That is an average of 30 shots per day.  Wow, could you imagine the cost of that with film?

This coming year looks very promising, photography-wise.  I finally have the dSLR that I've bee wanting; Nikon D5000.  Jennifer bought me a 50mm prime for Christmas, which I'm in love with that lens.  I'll be picking up a larger zoom and some filters soon too.

I'm now in Summer vacation planning mode, and you can guarantee our destination(s) this year will have photography in mind.

The Nikon takes such good pictures, I actually find myself talking fewer shots now, especially with the 50mm.  If not for shooting Trevor's track and cross-country meets, I would likely lower my 2010 (pronounced twenty-ten BTW) to 10,000.  So instead I'll keep my guess at 12,000.

I'll be assembling my top 10 shots of 2009 soon.