I’ve been asked for my “DC Itinerary” by a couple of people now.  Each wondering how the hell I fit so much in.  So I decided to summarize that portion of the trip. (I’ll write up the North Carolina portion later).
Times are approximate and all prices shown are for a family of four.  Metro prices are not shown, but I purchased everyone a $15 card and we had about $1.90 left over on each.

Day 1

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • 9:30AM – Free Breakfast at Hotel
  • 11:00AM – Check out, $728
  • 12:00PM – Lunch in Springfield, $30
  • 1:30PM – Check in to AutoTrain, $422
    (includes the price of car)
  • 4:30PM – Head home…
  • Price at Hampton (and most other DC hotels) double Sun-Thur, plan accordingly
  • Pickup SmartTrip cards for the metro at any CVS. $10 includes $5 credit.  Add another $10 the first night when there are no lines at the kiosks in the stations. The card costs $5, but think of it as a souvenir for the kids. There is a CVS one block away from the Hampton Inn
  • Do not purchase DC bus tours online.  They are readily available in Union Station and MUCH cheaper than online.
  • Avoid eating in the museums.  The prices are outrageous. I knew this but couldn’t avoid it on one day.
  • If you can, plan for more time a the Holocaust Memorial than I did.  You’ll need it.

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