I have now worked with the DoD in some capacity or another for nearly 15 years.  During this time I’ve met and worked with a wide variety of people.  Many I encounter are woefully unsuited/untrained for their tasks or are simply not goal oriented.  All too often I come across people that would rather stall or over-complicate problems just to delay the effort toward a solution. 

Occasionally, I encounter “stars”; ones that strike me as logical go-getters, solving real problem with real solutions and doing so in a way that is professional and 100% goal established.

Yesterday, after disconnecting from a conference call in which a couple of these people were participating, I found myself beginning to think of how I could convey to them how impressed with them and their handling of situations and personalities during the call.   But while doing so, I came to the realization that they both worked for the same contractor where a surprising number of others that I highly respect work or have worked; Booz Allen Hamilton.

What’s in the Water over there?

While it may just be happenstance, but EVERY single Booz Allen Hamilton employee that I’ve worked with, regardless of age, specialty, or location,  has impressed me.   Each and everyone one of them values every other person’s contributions to a problem.  Each of them has wow’d me with their knowledge, their presentation, and their approach to solving a problem or tackling an issue (or personality).  In fact I thought is was so uncanny, that there must be a “different” corporate culture at BAH, than what I’ve come to expect from others.  Turns out there is…

Booz Allen Hamilton’s NEXT Onboarding Program

Where other companies have simple one or two day “new hire orientation”, BAH has built a twelve month comprehensive program to engage and adapt new team members to the BAH culture.  It includes engagement simulations and trains their new employees to work in cross-functional teams.

This program has received national praise and awards, and I’m sure it sets the stage for building a team with personnel like the outstanding ones I’ve encountered.

While I’m sure their Onboarding program doesn’t 100% indoctrinate everyone to the BAH ways, it appears to effectively establish  standard expectations and work ethic for their employees. As well as possibly weeding out those that do not fit the team.


While I haven’t called anyone out by name, it is safe to say that if you work (or have worked) at BAH and  I’ve worked with you, know that you have earned my respect and admiration.  If there are bad eggs in the BAH team, I’ve yet to encounter one.

If/when I decide to move on from my current position, Booz Allen Hamilton will likely be the first company I will be submitting my resume to.  I’m sure that others see what I’ve seen and have realized as I have that BAH is truly a culture of respect, both giving and getting, as well as the go-to knowledge experts in their given fields.  That is something I believe in and would love to be part of eventually.

5 thoughts on “What’s in the Water at Booz-Allen-Hamilton?”

  1. As a BAH employee — I can assure you we aim to please. We go the extra mile becuase we know that it is recognized, albeit not always verbalized.

    Thanks for the compliments.

  2. Thank you. I’m proud to work for Booz Allen. My seniors provide great mentoring and in turn, we are motivated to give our best every day because it’s the right thing to do.

    1. “the right thing to do” – 100% agree. I’d like to see this more often across all DoD and contractors. All too often it is self/contract-preservation that drives actions and decisions. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to do this. We too often don’t slow down to thank those publicly that we work with and for. I’m retired USAF and have worked for several companies; last 10 years at BAH. Great group of people trying to do noble work. Not perfect, but… BTW, your post made our internal newsletter this week!

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