Broken Arm…meh…It is just a bump in my road of Adventure. What’s Next?

Yesterday, I learned the diagnosis of my arm/wrist that I injured while snowboarding.  It is officially broken and I’m now wearing the first cast in my life. While wearing it around the office, I’m finding two things interesting; people’s curiosity about it and their surprise when I tell them I broke it snowboarding.  The later truly amazes me.  I’m looked at in such a way that says “I should have known better”. I am now 38 year old and I hurt myself doing something that I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager.  What exactly is surprising about this?  The fact that I still chase my dreams and have refused to live with Adultitis (See for Diagnosis and Treatment), or is it their inability to do the same?  Life is for experiencing that which I’ve yet to, without fear?  As we do not get a do-over at life.