Summer Vacation, Codenamed “Rocky Mountain High” is Officially Underway

It is that time of year again.  That time when I actually have enough time to write blog posts; VACATION. This year we are returning to the Rockies for a little fun.  Jennifer and the kids have not been back to Colorado since our Colorado River Rafting vacation in 2007.  This year everyone is old enough to paddle on their own, so we are taking advantage, by rafting three days. Our vacation will begin in Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park.  Jennifer, Trevor and I once before visited Estes Park in 1995, when Trevor was a baby.  We only went up for their Christmas parade, before heading back to Cheyenne.  Had we the ability (time and money) to see RMNP then, we likely would have.  This time we are spending a few days at a cabin at the YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park Center.

Becoming a Reader, and Sticking With It

Each year, like most people I draft resolutions.  But a few years ago, instead of just throwing ideas into the wind, I decided I will make a conscious effort to improve one thing and one thing only in my life annually. I started this about five years ago, when I gave up soda.  Each year since I’ve tackled things such as giving up coffee or fast food.  This year becoming a reader is my task and reading 24 books is my goal. I’ve always been a picky reader.  Seldom would I find books that interested my enough that I would shift time from another activity to read.  More often than not, I would find a good book, read it over the course of a month or so, then have nothing to continue to when I finished. Biographies and other non-fiction books have always seemed to hold my interest the most, …keep reading …