DSCF0353Today began with a plan.  A plan that we trashed yesterday; and how thankful we are.  One of the benefits was free guided hikes.  Today there were three or four hikes schedule, so when we arrived yesterday I signed us for the Bierstadt Lake hike.  After doing a little more research on it, we discovered while it was the shortest they offered, it also began with the first mile having about 1000 ft gain of elevation.  While under normal circumstances (e.g. North Carolina) this would be taxing but not a show stopper, at 10,000 feet it is a whole different story.  So late last night we cancelled our reservation through YMCA and decided to hike another on our own.

The hike I selected was the Bear Lake to Bierstadt Lake trail.  It was 90% downhill and only three miles.  It was probably the most enjoyable hike I’ve ever taken.  In fact, Jennifer loved it.

Brandon was scheduled to take a couple of archery classes at the YMCA upon our return, but because of construction delays and the requirement to use the hiking shuttles to get to the Bear Lake trail head, he missed the first one.

Due to our hike we skipped lunch and eat an early dinner back at our cabin.  While Jennifer prepared dinner, the boys went out and played Frisbee.

We are now packing up, so we can head off to our next leg of our adventure; Colorado Springs.


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