P1030918Today was a pretty relaxing day in general.  We actually got to sleep in to 8AM.  Our bodies are still on eastern time apparently.

The boys and I headed out to do a short hike on TK Mountain near the Dillon Reservoir.  The hike was short, but it offered some awesome views of the lake from the edge of a cliff.  It also gave us a little time to learn how to use my hiking GPS.

After a quick lunch at the condo and a little pool time, we headed to Breckenridge Stables for a trail ride.  We rode in the forest around the Breckenridge ski areas for about an hour and a half, then headed back to the stables where a catered dinner was waiting for us.  We dined on roast chicken, beef roast, veggies, cheesecake and more.  Everything was great and was accompanied by live music.  I highly recommend this to anyone visiting the area. Thanks Groupon.


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