P1040639At least a couple of times every year, we make the hour or so drive from Brevard County to Blue Springs State Park in Orange City.  This time was a rare one, because all of the Drummond boys came with their families.

This was officially Eve’s first trip to the springs.  She kept up her trend of not being like Jessica, and loved it. 


  • Dustin put in some community service hours, sweeping the river with his beard
  • Jessica freaking out when a snake swam past her
  • Butterfly Tubing with me
  • Dan getting vertigo after diving down into the spring head
  • I’m pretty sure I broke my depth record.
  • Watching Dan scramble when I pulled the plug from his tube

2012-08-05 Blue Springs with Family (4)P1040550P1040554P1040556P1040560P1040568P1040571P1040572P1040578P1040580P1040586P1040596P1040599P1040602P1040606P1040611P1040612P1040617P1040627P1040629P1040632P1040633P1040634P1040635P1040640P1040651P1040661P1040666P1040674P1040676P1040689P1040690P1040692P1040699P1040702P1040704P1040716P1040731P1040740P1040746P1040749

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