P1060369After having an absolute blast skiing Sugar Mountain and Beech Mountain around new years, we decided to we deserve one more visit this season.  Anyway, no one has broken anything yet; so the season’s not over!

Instead of the whole clan headed up, this weekend is a guys only weekend.  While the number of guys is reduced, we are still going to have a ball.  All of my so-called adult guy friends are to “scared” to ski/snowboard…yeah I’m talking to you @dontl00back, @ucthomas, @ptmagoo.

Headed up will be my brother-in-law Dan, his son Doug and my boy Brandon.  Trevor decided to opt out of this trip this past week, so that he wouldn’t risk hurting them for his last track season.  A very noble and adult decision.

When I say Marathon, I mean it


  • 4AM – Drive Rockledge to Boone
  • 4PM – Check into Hotel
  • 5PM – Dinner out
  • 6PM-Midnight – Midnight Madness at Appalachian Ski Mountain


  • 9AM – Breakfast at hotel
  • 1PM – 10PM Twilight Session at Sugar Mountain Resort
  • 5PM – Dinner at Sugar Mountain


  • 8AM – Breakfast at hotel
  • 9AM-4:30PM – Day Session at Beech Mountain Resort
  • 6PM – Dinner at hotel
  • 8PM – Pack
  • 9PM – Sleep


  • 4AM – Drive Boone to Rockledge
  • 4PM – Pass the hell out!

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