“Naked Ed is Uncircumcised” and other Wisdom Gained from our Adult Getaway to Gainesville

In my ever growing collection of quotes and sayings that I try to memorize, the following always sticks out as one of my favorites; “True friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s being separated and nothing changes”.  This weekend showed, yet again how true this is. Jennifer and I try to do at least one “adult only” getaway per year with friends.  One year it was a cruise, this year it was a weekend trip to Gainesville.  Included in the planned activities were drinking, relaxing, eating, tubing, and kayaking.  We were successful, with all but the relaxing part.  We never sat still, but we had a blast.

Week Full of Whitewater–Our 1 Week Vacation in Murphy, North Carolina

Normally each summer, we try to take a two week vacation to somewhere new and exciting.  But with Jennifer’s new job, we had to limit ourselves to only one week; so we hit up the old faithful Smokey Mountains for a week crammed full of whitewater.  This is also our first family vacation without Trevor.  He decided to stay home and earn a little more money toward a new car.