2015-06-27 20.28.01What started out as big plans to go tubing at the Springs, turned into something much simpler and relaxing.

Rock Springs Run was our intended destination on Saturday.  We woke up early, in order to get there in time before they closed the park due to crowds.  Apparently not early enough.  By 8:30AM There were hundreds trying to get into the park.  So we changed up our plans and headed to the Mt. Dora Flea Market instead.

As for the campground, it looks very nice and has great amenities.  But it falls short in a couple areas; one of which (the water) will keep us from coming back.


  • Dates: 2015-06-26 through 2015-06-28
  • Weather: Clear, upper 90s
  • Spot: 36, Full Hookup
  • Price: $40, with 10% Value Kard Discount


  • Cleanliness – Very clean grounds, pool, and bath houses.
  • Pool – Very big, clean, not crowded, and recently refinished.
  • Games – Very nice shuffleboard and cornhole area.
  • Easy After Hours Registration


  • Dirt – The last row in which we were in was overused, making it really sandy and dirty. If it had rained, it would have been a mud hole.
  • Sulfur Water – By far the worst I’ve ever smelled. Just 30 seconds of the faucet running made the whole camper smell like ass.
  • Lack of Trees – There are some clumps of trees on the property, and those are first used.

Advice & Lessons Learned

This KOA has lots of potential. The owners/hosts are friendly and are making great strides. The lack of trees will make us skip this campground in the summer.  The strong sulfur smell in the water will keep us away altogether. If we stayed here again, we would spent the extra $10 for a pull through site, which has a concrete pad, nice table, and a bench swing. The site we had was on the far west side of the grounds and was to dirty, and too exposed to the afternoon sun.


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