2015-09-19 08.22.38Once a year, KOA has a BOGO night on their “Value Kamper Reward” Appreciation weekend.  If you are able to take advantage of this, it alone pays for your KOA membership.

This particular weekend, we decided to make it a boys getaway, with Brandon, Trevor, Dan, Donavin, and myself.

This is our second time camping here, but our first in an RV.  The first time, we were in tents on the East side of the campground, backed up to the commerical buildings.  It wasn’t much a “camping experience”.

While only a row away, our spot this time had a much better “feel” to it.  The campground is compact, but, considering its location, they do a good job of making you feel like you are not camping in the middle of an oceanside community.

Our first and second nights, we ate dinner at the near-by A1A Burrito Works.  I had the Fish tacos both nights, which were phenomenal.  The rest alternated between the tacos and their UFO.

It was a pretty relaxing weekend.  We took advantage of the amenities at the KOA, and relaxed in our hammocks when it was not raining.  On Saturday, a few of us rode skateboards down A1A for a little while.  Also Donavin and Brandon skimboarded near the pier.

On the way back home Sunday, we stopped of for a little shopping at the Daytona Flea Market; never passing up the pickle guy.


  • Dates: 2015-09-18 through 2015-09-20 (2 nights)
  • Weather: Overcast/Rain, upper 80s
  • Spot: 70 (I think), Full Hookup
  • Price: $77.62 for two nights. This was VKR Appreciation weekend, which meant BOGO nights.


  • Proximity to A1A Burrito Works
  • Proximity to Anastasia SP
  • Very clean


  • Very compact campground

Advice & Lessons Learned

We wouldn’t do much different.  I splurged for a “waterfront” spot here, and it was worth it.


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