P1120105It has been a busy few months. Trevor leaving for basic training, car shopping and limited campsite availability has kept us from being able to take advantage of our Jayco. Luckily for us, Clark Family Campground was able to accommodate us.

Lisa, Adrianna, Paul, and April all joined in on this trip. Lisa and Adrianna rented one of the small cabins, while Paul and April used their tent. They were right near one another, but I need to get a site a little farther away, to take advantage of the sewer hookup to clean out my tanks.

We all arrived Friday afternoon. Jennifer rode over with Lisa and didn’t arrive until later. The rest of cooked out on the grill at our camper. After dinner, once everyone was there, we hung out and played with the “Chat Pack“, which led to some interesting, and deep discussions.

That night, once everyone had went to bed, we had quite a bit of rain. According to Paul and April, it pretty much came down all night.

Saturday morning we all ventured over to the McGee’s camp kitchen for egg and sausage bagels.

P1120055We spent part of the day exploring Mt. Dora Flea Market for the day. Dustin, Ryan and the kids met us there too. Afterwards, we all went to lunch at the Mt. Dora Brewing Co, which was quite good, albeit slow.

After eating and a quick supply stop, we headed back to camp to relax and hang out. We explored the rustic tent area, played corn hole, and played with the kids.

For dinner, we made a taco bar with all of the fixings, then had ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Apparently, the tacos didn’t sit well with Paul, as he was on his throne 7+ times throughout the night, after our fire.

Sunday morning were breakfast burritos at our camper and packing up camp(s). The campground let us delay checkout until 3PM, so we left the camper there, while we went downtown for lunch.

A large part of this weekend’s plans, was eating a Bellini’s Deli in Deland. We put it off until Sunday, simply because it made more sense, time-wise. But we failed to ensure they were open on Sundays…and they are not.

We ended up skipping downtown all together and visited a small flea market near there and a few thrift stores. For lunch, everyone wanted Zaxby’s before heading back home.

It was a short trip, but it is always nice to get away with friends for any length of time. Dustin, Ryan, and their kids coming out, was great.

Lisa is now ready to invest in camping gear to make this a regular thing.



  • Price – It is hard to beat $22.50/nt for full hookup
  • Late Checkout – Because there was no one scheduled in our spot, they were great to let us stay until 3PM for free.


  • No full hookup, near the tent camping area

Advice & Lessons Learned

We had camped here before, but I had never explored the rustic tent camping area. I did, and I was very impressed with how natural it is. We might be coming back in cooler months for group camping there, in tents.


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