Well…I’m back to the Chevy platform.

In 2014 I bought, then built the original NARV (Not A Rape Van) 1.0. A couple of years ago I sold it to move to a new Sprinter 4×4. I built that out, all vanlife style…then sold it. Having a $100k vehicle sitting in my driveway stressed me out…and I missed NARV.

So here we are; NARV 2.0, ANOTHER 2008 Express AWD.

I just took a 1,700 mile test drive, to bring it back from Delaware to Fort Collins, Colorado. It has 103k on it, one-owner, full service records, fully loaded, and fully stock…a rare find now-a-days.

The Plans

  • Lift – SuspensionMaxx MaxxCam2 Key, Skyjacker BUK2061 blocks, Skyjacker H7003 front shocks, Skyjacker H7017 rear shocks.
  • Wheels/Tires – Still shopping for wheels…I really liked the Black Rhino Warlords on my Sprinter. For rubber, likely 265/70/17 KO2s
  • Full roof rack (custom built likely), lighting, etc.
  • Aluminess Ladder
  • Middle Ground build interior…somewhere between NARV 1.0 and Sully (the Sprinter). Likely more utilitarian than Sully, but more livable/useable than NARV 1.0.
  • Tech – Likely GoalZero setup like Grant from Freedom VanGois doing in his Sprinters. No Solar…turns out I don’t really need it.
    • BTW @freshlikesushi – Thanks for advice/help you provided with my Sprinter build…you are an Sprinter Oasis in Florida (I just moved from there)

Things are going to happen fast. Try to keep up. :)

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