Clark Family Campground, Deland, Florida

It has been a busy few months. Trevor leaving for basic training, car shopping and limited campsite availability has kept us from being able to take advantage of our Jayco. Luckily for us, Clark Family Campground was able to accommodate us. Lisa, Adrianna, Paul, and April all joined in on this trip. Lisa and Adrianna rented one of the small cabins, while Paul and April used their tent. They were right near one another, but I need to get a site a little farther away, to take advantage of the sewer hookup to clean out my tanks. We all arrived Friday afternoon. Jennifer rode over with Lisa and didn’t arrive until later. The rest of cooked out on the grill at our camper. After dinner, once everyone was there, we hung out and played with the “Chat Pack“, which led to some interesting, and deep discussions. That night, once everyone …keep reading …

2016-01 Introducing Airman Trevor King

Day 1 – Airman’s Run, Coin Ceremony, and Base Pass After our ordeal just a few hours earlier with travel, we were tired this morning…to say the least. We ended up only getting about an hour or so of sleep, before we had to head to the base for briefings and to get a good view for the Airman’s Run. The BMT reception center is quite impressive. And considering the number of people that flow through every week for their airman’s graduation, they manage the logistics very well. We attended the early briefing that went over the activities for the weekend. Right outside of the auditorium, there are screens which show the airman assignments to their “heritage flights” for the weekend’s activities. The board even notes changes, so we trusted it, as it “obviously” had the most up to date information….this was a mistake. Using the map layout of the …keep reading …

Marathon Snowboarding Weekend – Will I Survive?

After having an absolute blast skiing Sugar Mountain and Beech Mountain around new years, we decided to we deserve one more visit this season.  Anyway, no one has broken anything yet; so the season’s not over! Instead of the whole clan headed up, this weekend is a guys only weekend.  While the number of guys is reduced, we are still going to have a ball.  All of my so-called adult guy friends are to “scared” to ski/snowboard…yeah I’m talking to you @dontl00back, @ucthomas, @ptmagoo. Headed up will be my brother-in-law Dan, his son Doug and my boy Brandon.  Trevor decided to opt out of this trip this past week, so that he wouldn’t risk hurting them for his last track season.  A very noble and adult decision.

Broken Arm…meh…It is just a bump in my road of Adventure. What’s Next?

Yesterday, I learned the diagnosis of my arm/wrist that I injured while snowboarding.  It is officially broken and I’m now wearing the first cast in my life. While wearing it around the office, I’m finding two things interesting; people’s curiosity about it and their surprise when I tell them I broke it snowboarding.  The later truly amazes me.  I’m looked at in such a way that says “I should have known better”. I am now 38 year old and I hurt myself doing something that I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager.  What exactly is surprising about this?  The fact that I still chase my dreams and have refused to live with Adultitis (See for Diagnosis and Treatment), or is it their inability to do the same?  Life is for experiencing that which I’ve yet to, without fear?  As we do not get a do-over at life.

Tips & Lessons Learned from our Puerto Rico Vacation

While I’ve (thus far) neglected to blog about the details of our Puerto Rico Vacation, here are some “lessons learned” for those of you that are considering it for a vacation. Soda – In the nearly two weeks on the island, only two restaurants had fountain soda.  Nearly all of the rest had only cans.  So plan or order accordingly if you are a big soda drinker. Rain – Rain in Puerto Rico is inevitable.  Make sure that your itinerary has some “fluff” to accommodate rain days.  We were extremely lucky, with only one full day of rain. “Cheap” is Relative – You will read reviews of restaurants noting their cheap or affordable menu.  Be aware that this is not quite what it is back at home.  An affordable dinner is sub $25 in Puerto Rico.   Plan on paying at least $15-20 per person, if you want full service, even …keep reading …