Vail Pass Again, Going West this time–Vail, Colorado

For our last full day in Colorado, I made no plans, but budgeted for another “large” activity.  Our tentative plan was to raft again, but on Clear Creek.  After calling the local outfitters, they confirmed our fears that the snowmelt was low, therefore it was running at nearly a 1/3 of its normal rate.  This makes the river more challenging and dangerous due to exposed rocks. After brainstorming our options, we decided to head to Vail to do some river tubing.  So we headed west. Once we arrived in Vail, we talked to the tubing company and learned that the run was only an hour and a half, so back to the drawing board.  To think things over we headed to Moe’s Original BBQ in Vail.  They were affordable and had some really great BBQ sandwiches.  Also, strangely they offered sweet tea.

Biking Downhill in the Mountains. Now this I can get used to!

Yet another day to thank Groupon for our activity; downhill biking from Vail Pass to Frisco. After breakfast in our condo, we headed off to Pioneer Sports in Frisco.  Here we picked out our bikes and boarded the shuttle bus that would take us west to the top of Vail Pass on interstate 70. Vail Pass is the highest point on I-70, coast to coast, at 10,662.  There is a 7-8% slope from here down both sides of the pass, which makes for very easy and fast biking.