Kayaking the Econlockhatchee River

Before the weather starts to get too hot, we want to try to take advantage of some kayaking locations we have yet to try.  Today was the Little Econ River, from SR 419 to Snowhill Rd. From the map, this seems like a pretty reasonable run.  Maybe eight to nine miles, but we failed to truly comprehend that this distance in a winding river, feels much longer than a more “flowing” river, like the Sante Fe. We met up with Paul and April at the Wallyworld in Titusville for supplies, then headed west on SR 50 toward Bithlo and the “Village of Taintsville” (yes, it is a real place). The put it at SR 419 is woefully lacking in the parking department.  With only five or six spots total, ensure you get there early. We unloaded the kayaks, then Paul and I moved my van to the take out point …keep reading …

My $100 DIY PVC Kayak Rack

With our newly acquired kayak collection, storage has become an important requirement. While there are plenty of commercial solutions available, most are prohibitively expensive, difficult to use, or require large amounts of wall space. With a little digging on the net, I was able to find a relatively easy and inexpensive solution; PVC.