Week Full of Whitewater–Our 1 Week Vacation in Murphy, North Carolina

Normally each summer, we try to take a two week vacation to somewhere new and exciting.  But with Jennifer’s new job, we had to limit ourselves to only one week; so we hit up the old faithful Smokey Mountains for a week crammed full of whitewater.  This is also our first family vacation without Trevor.  He decided to stay home and earn a little more money toward a new car.

Trip Report–President’s Day Snowboarding at App/Sugar/Beech

Wow, what a weekend.  I didn’t think that we would fit it all in, or that we’d have the energy for it, but we did.  Three days, three resorts. When we left Florida at 4AM on Saturday it was in was in the low 60s, but when we arrived in Boone it was around 20 with a wind chill below zero. We quickly checked into the hotel (Holiday Inn Express, Boone) then headed out for food and supplies.  We apparently underestimated the cold, so we all bought additional head and/or neck protection.  After  a quick stop at Jimmy Johns for grub and 1st Tracks for ski rentals for Doug, up to Appalachian we headed for Midnight Madness

Marathon Snowboarding Weekend – Will I Survive?

After having an absolute blast skiing Sugar Mountain and Beech Mountain around new years, we decided to we deserve one more visit this season.  Anyway, no one has broken anything yet; so the season’s not over! Instead of the whole clan headed up, this weekend is a guys only weekend.  While the number of guys is reduced, we are still going to have a ball.  All of my so-called adult guy friends are to “scared” to ski/snowboard…yeah I’m talking to you @dontl00back, @ucthomas, @ptmagoo. Headed up will be my brother-in-law Dan, his son Doug and my boy Brandon.  Trevor decided to opt out of this trip this past week, so that he wouldn’t risk hurting them for his last track season.  A very noble and adult decision.

Trip Report–Winter Vacation to Boone, NC

In 2010, we decided to make a tradition of spending a week in the mountains. A tradition we can continue after our kids have grown and have kids of their own. It will be something that everyone can count on, regardless of their financial situation. This year was our second such trip (and I’m already planning on going back in a month). This year’s vacation itinerary nearly mirrored last years. We hit the same restaurants and did the same activities. Why mess with what works?